Latest UX trends of 2022

When it comes to creating an awesome website for your business, there are lots of things to factor in. One that you cannot afford to ignore is UX. Standing for ‘User Experience’, this is the part of web design that focuses on providing the most enjoyable experience to those using your site. Without incorporating the best UX elements, you run the risk of your website being slow, frustrating or boring to use.

From the best website design in Wakefield to creating a company website in other parts of the UK, user experience is super-important. As an ever-changing discipline though, it pays to keep up with the latest trends.

But what might these be in 2022?

Greater levels of personalisation

When you take a look around society, it is clear we live in an age of hyper-personalisation. This includes suggestions on shows you might like from TV streaming services and playlists curated to your own personal tastes from music streaming platforms.

This kind of increased personalisation is a hot trend in UX for websites across 2022 also. By building personal experience into UX, companies can collect key data about their customers. They can then use the latest AI tech to analyse this data and offer a much richer, bespoke experience to users as a result.

Data visualisation making its mark

Another top UX trend of 2022 is data visualisation. This simply refers to the art of presenting information/content on a website in a visual format. This is not old-fashioned pie charts alone though – modern data visualisation encompasses more bespoke ways to show users key information.

It also includes arranging this visual data in a way that engages the user and builds a compelling narrative for them. Data visualisation is set to continue being key during 2022 because it presents website content in a way users value and like to get involved with.

AR and VR trending in 2022

Although neither technology is brand new in 2022, they are a major trend in UX right now. Both of these technologies are valuable for websites because they enable users to enjoy a more immersive, satisfying experience.

The rise of the Metaverse in 2022 has only spurred this trend on and seen consumers asking for more unique and customisable online platforms to explore. Whether it is building in VR functionality that enables users to step into a totally virtual world or AR tech which brings virtual elements into the real world, both are major UX trends for 2022.

UX remains essential in 2022

Although user experience has been a key concern when creating websites for a while, it is still as important as ever. Building a site which is enjoyable to use after all means consumers will not only return to it and tell friends about it but also be more likely to spend money on it. UX is an ever-shifting niche though and this makes keeping up with the latest trends of 2022 key.

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